Suzette Urs - Birds Painting
Stop the Laughter
Boys With the Big Beaks Hang the Doodleman
The Boys with The Big Beaks Play All Night
No Time Clock, No Union, No Problem, Artists At Work. When the gallery needed painting,these artists flew in to get the job done. The payoff? Chicken feed, a branch to sit on, cold beer and evening jam sessions with the drummer (who is wielding the roller)
Stop the Laughter Exposing the ironic humor in the Occupy Nomads. In a close up cross section of dissenters we even see the national bird of Mexico (the Cara Cara )marching to the tune of nonsense.
Suzette Urs An Artist Rock Star

Suzette Urs is a “Rock Star” in the airbrush art community! Her astounding, unique, entertaining, and thought provoking airbrush art and sculpture can be seen hanging in the Sea Tac International Airport in Seattle Washington as well as other prominent locations. Her artwork was also on display at the Design Center of the Americas in Dania Florida for 4 years.

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Suzette has purveyed over several professional studios in her lifetime, including one at the legendary Villa Riviera Hotel, a historic landmark in Long Beach California as well as galleries in Los Angeles and Palm Beach, Florida.

She is well known for her maverick style of airbrushing that “breaks all the rules”. “Acrylurs” as it has become known, is her unique method of airbrushing on the back side of a clear acrylic sheet – layers built up from front to back – in reverse of the commonly known painting method. The result is a spectacularly luminous image. (more about Suzette)

Suzette now resides in Floral City, Florida, feverishly reinventing herself with her new airbrush painting series, “Boys with the Big Beaks”. (view artwork)

Suzette is available for showings, exhibitions and commission
artwork. You can friend her on Facebook and read her Blog.

Suzette Urs
Innovative Airbrush Artist